deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

Marketplace, G/F, PMQ
4 Dec (Sun) - 14:00 - 15:00
Limited quota for on-site audience on a first-come-first-served basis.

What do you know about ‘social design’?

In a time where society and technology are experiencing rapid changes, can everyone be part of the design process? How does design bring about change in society?

An essential skill for every designer is the ability to propose concrete solutions to problems and to involve various stakeholders in finding possible solutions through genuine dialogues. This aspect of social design has the potential to bring unprecedented positive impacts to society.

In this session, artist Luke Ching and the creators of the Cigarette Butts Committee will share their individual approaches to engaging the community and immersing themselves in various social concerns – focusing on the little things that go unnoticed and subsequently drawing the attention of the public at large. Moderated by Professor Chung, the speakers will discuss their experiences with the community beginning with the small issues before involving everyone in the process to design together as one.

Moderator –
Siu King Chung, Chair of the Community Museum Project

Speakers –
1. Luke Ching Chin Wai, Artist
2. Karson Ho Ka Chung, Co-Creator of “Cigarette Butts Picking Awards Ceremony”
3. Oscar Lau Ho Yin, Co-Creator of “Cigarette Butts Picking Awards Ceremony”
4. Sam Tang Chung Yin, Co-Creator of “Cigarette Butts Picking Awards Ceremony”

Siu King Chung

Chair of the Community Museum Project

An art and design commentator, an installation artist, an independent curator, King is actively involved in arts policy and art/design curriculum development in Hong Kong. As past-President of the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art and a founding member of the installation group NUX, King loves to produce experimental videos, explore possible forms and approaches for installation art, as well as initiate collaboration among students, teachers, designers and artists through curating exhibitions and publishing projects, such as ‘The Blackbox Exercise’, ‘Journey to the East ’98’, ‘Home Affairs’, ‘Cityscapes Reading Guide’ and ‘Designs You Don’t Know What to Do With’. He co-founded the Designs You Don’t Know What to Do With Association and the Community Museum Project in 2002 & 2003 respectively.

King led the Art and Design in Education and Social Design Programmes of the School of Design and was Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the School before his retirement from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in May 2022.

Luke Ching Chin Wai


Luke Ching was a top-notch colour pencil artist in his pre-university years. He was among the best in class at school,
and he wasn’t too bad at seal carving either. In university Ching trained in the field of mixed media under the tutelage of
Professor Chan.

At the time mixed media still belonged to the category ‘Others’ when one specified the medium of one’s work. Up till the age of 30 Ching worked as a class teacher of Grade 4 students and taught art and general studies.

After turning 30 Ching not only learned to swim and cycle but also managed to get married (even before he was able to type in Chinese) – a feat he considers as his lifetime achievement. In his 30’s Ching took an interest in public space and the development of gift economy, searching for artistic inspiration from within the breath and pulse of society. After turning 40 Ching began focusing on his career, and his current life ambition is to become his boss’s pet.

Oscar Lau Ho Yin | Cigarette Butts Committee

“If trusting or untrusting everything turns to idleness, then try everything. Currently in the process.”

Karson Ho Ka Chung | Cigarette Butts Committee

“Everyone is a genius, don’t let short-term failures cast doubt on your talents. The only formula for success is to keep trying – the same goes for design. Just keep doing it, geniuses.”

Sam Tang Chung Yin | Cigarette Butts Committee

“‘Impossible’ is an excuse that most people give themselves. I believe that persistent effort can conquer any difficulty. Just keep going for the goal.”