deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

Hollywood Garden, PMQ

Peaky Blinds is a spatial playground that seeks to investigate the unwritten rules of socialising in spaces. A pavilion constructed with a recognisable everyday object in the form of layers of Venetian blinds, the installation becomes a tool for everyone to be the architect of the surrounding space. The blinds can be pulled up or tilted by anyone – to continuously change the space from a maze into a large open space; to make you visible to others or remain hidden, according to your mood or needs.

Every blind poses a question. You answer the question by changing the position of the blinds. The questions are meant to evoke awareness of the space around the pavilion. Is the space private or public? How much or how little do you experience the presence of other visitors in the pavilion? Will it change the way we interact in the space? And can you bring these thoughts with you as you occupy other spaces? Experience the Peaky Blinds to find the answers.

Mia Frykholm

Mia Frykholm is a Swedish-born, Copenhagen-based architect educated in the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy. Since graduating in 2016, she has been working at the intersection of architecture, art and design under her own name, as well as creating installations for runway shows and large-scale exhibitions for artist and designer Henrik Vibskov.

Mia’s work is highly-contextual and focuses on the experience and the effect on the body – always adding a playful twist.

Portrait photographer: Jonathan Lieb