deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

S310, 3/F, Block A, PMQ

Urban planning and architecture design has long been regarded as professions that are far from the public’s reach. The top-down approach and ways of working have resulted in a lack of public interest and awareness.

‘On the Verge of Falling’ is an interactive installation that attempts to bring urban planning and architecture closer to the people. The exhibition space is transformed into a giant claw machine, and by playing this popular game machine, visitors will build and rebuild an imaginary vertical village of Hong Kong.

The room itself is a simulation of Hong Kong. Specific architectural features and urban spaces are translated into abstract, simple geometry building blocks. Players can build their visions of the city through familiar joysticks that everyone knows so well.

More than just a gaming device, the work is also a data collection machine that records the players’ selection of architecture and urban spaces. The installation is also designed to be environmental-friendly, with components that can be recycled or reused for various purposes after the exhibition.

Studio of SAI | SO-SAI

Founded in 2019, SO-SAI is an award-winning architectural design studio based in Hong Kong. The studio’s design emphasises vigorous spatial research and experiments to infuse architectural concepts into spaces and objects of different scales. Their works often seek to understand the sensorial history and geographical, cultural and social memory of the space, to address the needs of contemporary environments with innovative spatial design. The studio hopes to create architecture that considers the local context; a future that respects traditions; and spaces that represent collective aspirations.

Yung Sai Chun

Publisher of Word by word collective

Louis Hung Wai Yin

Publisher of Word by word collective

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