deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

S311, 3/F, Block A, PMQ

MULTISONIC is an experiential journey that transports visitors to another dimension by tuning into the sensory experiences brought about by the nine Solfeggio frequencies that are able to provide a spectrum of healing effects.

Uniting many as one, MULTISONIC seeks to provide multi-layered perspectives by simultaneously activating healing frequencies and lights – creating a space that visitors can engage and interact with in an immersive natural environment.

Visitors’ interactions with one another and their responses to the installation will be transferred into data that distinguishes which frequencies were more engaged. This is a visual and audio experience that will truly bring the community together, as one.


dKET is a Hong Kong-based multi-disciplinary collective formed by individuals spanning the industries of
design, fashion, arts and music-driven to explore the relationship between nature, materials and the
human experience. Members of dKET include:

Dennis Lo – Contributing to the Design of the project, Canadian-born Dennis is an interior photographer,
art director, and fabricator who has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and companies in
luxury retail and advertising.

Kitt Lau – Leading the project’s Sound Design, Kitt is the drummer of the band Chochukmo. He has
since ventured to be a professional and experimental sound composer, working across music, video and
theatre performances in collaboration with numerous Hong Kong arts and cultural festivals.

Essa – Responsible for Visualisation and Project Management, Essa is touted as the ‘firestarter’ of the
group, with aims to integrate cross-disciplinary media in design to explore human relationship with nature.
She is currently working on agricultural and ecological planning in Northern New Territories and Lantau
Island, and is a graduate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects.

Tim Wong – Providing Landscape Design for the project, graphic designer and crafter Timothy founded
Quest Terrarium in 2015 – fusing his childhood interest in local street art and culture with his passion for
creating bespoke moss terrariums. His unique plant and landscape styling work has led to collaborations
with fashion and lifestyle brands, gallery events and luxury interior projects in Hong Kong.