Curiosity Cabinet of Gendered Objects (home edition)

deTour 2022

Design as One

H211, 2/F, Block B, PMQ

The settings of our homes speak of who we are, and are full of curious objects with embedded meanings often taken for granted. Household items like ironing boards or cooking pans reflect how gender identity operates in a domestic space. Do objects have genders? Are certain objects seen as more male-oriented? If so, what are the rationales behind these gendered objects?

This installation welcomes visitors to reflect upon the gender expression of everyday objects commonly found in homes. In a condensed setting like a curiosity cabinet, household items are on display where visitors are invited to attach a gender sticker to these particular objects. Gender expression is expected to be a spectrum instead of the traditional dichotomy of male and female – and through public participation, this work will create a collective image of how we perceive gender identity at home.

Atelier In

Comprising Veera Fung and Melody Yiu, Atelier In. is an architectural collaborative that aims to bring awareness to gender issues in everyday living through research and creative design initiatives. Working with women and gender minorities, their work establishes collaborative networks that inspire and empower people toward a gender-inclusive environment. The experience and insight gathered from different projects will be transformed into accessible knowledge, to evoke thoughts, discussions, and action plans for community implementation of a better living.