Featuring an impressive line-up of local and international designers, deTour 2019 had in store a spectacular array of works conceived and created under the theme “NEW OLD. OLD NEW.”. deTour 2019 presents three showcases including DesignInspire 2019 and two showcases held at different periods at PMQ. The three showcases altogether feature a great variety of local and international design units, with a special highlight of the international collaboration — British designer Morag Myerscough and PMQ’s Underground Interpretation Area, where the Central School’s foundation remains are located, is transformed into a befitting exhibition space housing a series of works. Manifesting Hong Kong’s local design power, deTour 2019 looks forward to having you join us.


2019 Highlights

International Collaboration

Make Happy Those Who Are Near and Those Who Are Far Will Come

Co-creator: Morag Myerscough
"MAKE HAPPY THOSE WHO ARE NEAR AND THOSE WHO ARE FAR WILL COME." An old Chinese proverb that has been my mantra for many years since the first time I came across it in 2007, it resonated with why I make my work — Morag Myerscough
In response to these worldwide times of turbulence, heightened anxiety and negativity, we need to find ways of coming together and at the same time understanding people's differences. 'One fits all' does not work.
It was important to make a piece of work that is full of positivity, hope and strength, and produces a genuine 'smile on your face' ideally becomes contagious. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin, changing the mood for the better.
Feeling ‘happy' cannot be quantified — from a one-to-one simple heartfelt gesture to a massive collective response and lots in between. Our structure reflects this in its wild maximalist celebration of joy to the world around, drawing you into an intimate pale pink glowing space.

Feature Exhibition

Dark Light

Co-creator: Adonian Chan
In Chinese calligraphy and type design, everything is derived from the continuous development of the form of Chinese characters, and under the influence from other cultures. This work is my interpretation of “NEW OLD. OLD NEW.” in the context of type design: “old” is the continuum of the ever-evolving Chinese characters while “new” is the way I interpret with the knowledge in contemporary society.
Dark Light is a neon light installation in the form of distorted “Hong Kong Beiwei Zansyu”, one of the most recognizable calligraphy styles in the streets of Hong Kong. Its concept is based on an introspection of the current situation of the society. Contrary to its literal meaning, the Chinese word “闇” (which means darkness) is turned into a glowing installation. To highlight the paradoxical coexistence of light and dark, the form of the character is distorted and morphs into a three-dimensional shape.

Selected Entries

An Activist Artefact

Co-creator: Anthony Ko
A castle or a city is established along the Frontier Closed Area in Hong Kong. It unfolds the future tactics to preserve the cultural distinctiveness and coin the constructed identities. Within the fictional informal megastructure, totems of the past are reassembled and amalgamated through the new cacophonous designs that initiate activities and dialogues. Artists in the building create artworks that serve as an indexical device of the everyday absurdities, continuously and collectively contributing to the formation of an archive of Hong Kong. Through the drawings, miniatures and simulations of architecture games, one could experience the vanished memories through the act of resurrecting the valued antiquities.