About Time

Humans have an inconsistent and fleeting relationship with time. Time flies when we’re having fun. It drags when we’re bored. Sometimes it’s on our side; at other times it’s racing against us. They say that time destroys all things but also heals all wounds.

Our relationship with time is complex – it talks about our culture and character, and defines who we are and how we act.

In this space we want to create an open debate about time through two installations that will that will grow over time thanks to your participation. Feel free to explore, play and join the discussion.

Project designed and developed by DOMESTIC DATA STREAMERS.

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Creative studio
Domestic Data Streamers

Domestic Data Streamers is a creative studio comprising of researchers, designers and coders from Barcelona that have taken on the challenge to change the way we understand data.Their work on service and interaction design plays with the boundaries of arts, science and sociology to explore new data languages and to tell stories with data. Founded in 2013, the team has created data-led experiences for museums, global organisations and cultural institutions including the United Nations, TED Talks and California Academy of Sciences.

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