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Talk! 2015 – We shall design our projects whatever the cost maybe… We shall never surrender.

“We shall design our projects, whatever the cost may be, we shall create on the beaches, we shall create on the landing grounds, we shall imagine in the fields and in the streets, we shall innovate in the hills; we shall never surrender”. The event is inspired by the above memorably rousing lines from Sir Winston Churchwill to present a round the globe view of British Design. Speakers will present their unique views on British Design and address questions and challenges from the Host.

Conducted in English

Royal Institute of British Architects HK Chapter (RIBA)

John Ho (Host): Entrepreneur within the anti-aging industry and broadcaster of a live streaming app.

Rufus Turnbull (Panelist): Divisional Director of the global British design firm, Benoy.
David Littler (Panelist): Group Director of Buro Happold Engineering.
Dave Hoggard (Panelist): Managing Director, PDP London Architects (Hong Kong Studio).
Vivian Liu (Guest Speaker) : Architect of KPF

Marketplace (G FL)

2015/12/4 (Fri) 1900 – 2030

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