Nov 27Dec 6
RIBA SHOP! 2015 x PMQ deTour 2015 – “The Moment Recorder”

[The Inspiration]

Inspired by the artist’s idea and habit of capturing a moment through stamping objects on clay or other medium, we hope to echo this concept through the “Moment Recorder”. This simple but bold and interactive art display brings you the experience of  stamping.  The in-and-out of timber sticks capture a single moment of your movement and turn it into a timeless pattern.  We encourage you to enjoy the creative process, seat back and relax, and to appreciate the moment you captured.

This “Moment Recorder” comprises of timber panel and timber sticks, which are tools that artists use in clay and china products productions. To encourage the public to experience the art of recording life moments through stamping and clay production, the timber sticks will be used as tools for clay production workshops.

We hope your experience from the “Moment Recorder” would inspire you to  record your moments in life through “stamping” in different forms.

[About Us]
We believe creativity could bring about little changes to our lives and enable us to enjoy life from a different angle.  We are interested in kinetic designs, particularly with interactive devices, which invite the participation of pu
Artist: David Wong

Verandah S5A (5 FL, S Building)

2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)