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Mr Hammers

The charm of creativity lies in its infinite possibilities. It instills life into waste materials. This workshop will make use of waste materials such as bamboo, plastic pipes and dumped lunch boxes, along with interesting building materials such as cement to create useful products. In the workshop, participants can explore the possibilities of waste treatment, savor the joy of creation and reflect on how to reduce environment load in life. We hope to sow a seed of creativity and environmental protection in your heart and expect its growth!

Materials: Cement, Bamboo, Plastic, Lunchboxes

No. of participants: 8 / class

Time: 2 days for 1 workshop
1st day – Product Design, tooling manufacture and injection molding (2.5h)
2nd day – Mold release and Product Design (2h)


Mr Hammers

Unit S314  (3 FL, S Building)

Class A (Full House) 2015/11/28 (Sat) 1000-1230  &  2015/11/29 (Sun) 1100-1300 Class B (Full House) 2015/11/28 (Sat) 1330-1600  & 2015/11/29 (Sun) 1400-1600 Class C (Full House) 2015/11/28 (Sat) 1700-1930  &  2015/11/29 (Sun) 1700-1900 Class D (Full House) 2015/12/5 (Sat) 1000-1230  &  2015/12/6 (Sun) 1100-1300