Nov 27Dec 6
The Poverty Line Photo Exhibition

The exhibition features more than 1,600 images from The Poverty Line’s archive, covering 28 countries on 6 continents.  Each photograph attempts to convey the same message, which is the food choices faced by a person living at the poverty line on a given day in that country. The newspapers and the type of food, are the keys to identifying the source of the images.

The Poverty Line hopes to raise awareness about poverty and food choices and inspire action. Hong Kong public was invited to create their own #thepovertyline images.  Favorite images from the campaign were showcased in this exhibition.

Stefen and Hui-Yi co-founded The Poverty Line in 2010. This global visual project contextualizes poverty and food choices on a global scale. Since 2010, The Poverty Line has been exhibited around the world at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art (Tbilisi, Georgia), CAFA Art Museum (Beijing, China), and Les Nuits Photographiques (Paris, France). The work is also in the permanent collection of Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. The project has been referenced by the World Bank and was presented at TED.

Supported by PMQ and Food Angel

Stefen Chow & Hui-Yi Lin

Stefen Chow is a photographer based in Beijing. He has experience in mechanical engineering and high altitude mountaineering. He has photographed the Himalayan Mountain range, major industrial sites, billionaires, and dissident artists. In 2013, Stefen won a second prize for portraiture at the World Press Photo Awards. Nikon has named Stefen one of Asia's top photographers.

    Hui-Yi Lin is an economist by training and currently heads the China research operations of a global market research firm. She has a background in economic policy and seeks solutions that make social, environmental, and commercial sense. She provides research expertise and crucial academic support for The Poverty Line.


    2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)