Co-Space Co-Create: Metaverse Design Workshop


S708, Block A, PMQ

20 Nov. Sun.
15:00 - 16:30
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27 Nov. Sun.
11:00 - 12:30
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In this workshop, participants will be invited to experience and create a Metaverse public space.

The participants will be guided in the design process and deploy their creativity by crafting their own unique spaces. With the assistance of digital tools, they will learn to bring these designs into the virtual realm. Finally, they will enjoy the satisfaction from experiencing their combined, completed work. After the workshop, participants can always access, share and see the spaces they have created with family and friends.

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Workshop by
Antumbra Academy

Antumbra Academy is committed to build and expand a community in the virtual reality, metaverse and game design sectors. Comprising a team of university educators, researchers, graduates and practitioners, Antumbra is an inclusive platform that welcomes people of all ages and experience to grow through a culture of research, collaboration and development.

Taking advantage of the paradigm shift to remote learning, Antumbra’s goal is to bring experts from all corners of the world to share, inspire and teach one another. The academy aims to nurture trainees that can lead and create impacts in the society. Their events include lectures, seminars, workshops and networking sessions to form a strong community.