The theme of deTour 2010 "NOT GUILTY" exceeded expectations from an explosion of creative and diverse engagement. Along with the youth, students to master designers and curators we tapped into innovative and meaningful concepts of what the design community is "not guity" of we discovered exciting surprises along the way.
This year, the Ambassadors of Design partnered with Japan. Victoria Prison at Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong is the anchor venue.


Local Dutch


Design Mart

Design Mart in deTour 2010 was a pop-up marketplace for original, creative products and prototypes by emerging 80 Hong Kong young designers.


deTour Kitchen

deTour Kitchen is a series of events that looks at design in the kitchen, exploring a broder view of design lifestyle and exerpience when food merge with design and art.

Take Your Time Pinhole Camera Workshop

With a piece of paper, a sheet of aluminum and a roll of film, participants were taught to make a box which can capture the time, to photograph the minute before Victoria Prison changed.

We ❤ My Chair

It was a workshop co-orgnized by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design and MUJI, which invited children to create a chair of theri very own. It was an oppotunity to develop indepedent young minds and nurture children’s sense of creativity and self-expression.

Pick Me, Pink Me

The public were welcomed to write their impressions of desires / wishes on the pink poster board. Japanese artist Takafumi Hara took the photos of the participants before the pink poster board and made them into digital slides so as to record the messages.

Design Dialogues

Pecha Kucha Night

Pecha Kucha Night – Presentation that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. This special “Hong Kong — Tokyo” version invited both Hong Kong and Tokyo young and emerging creative talent to present their brilliant ideas.