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Why (Not) Paper Books? – Bookbinding Workshop: Saddle Stitch with Thread

We live in a world that is losing “touch”, a world of diminishing physical contact. In such a time, how do we judge the value and usefulness of material objects? Even books are undergoing an existential crisis: can we read only via digital devices? Can paper books really be replaced by e-books? What’s the value of paper books?

To answer these questions, this workshop takes us on a detour into history to understand how books are made. Basic book-making knowledge will be shared, including the characteristics of paper and different binding methods, tools and materials. Participants will have the opportunity to try bookbinding techniques, such as “saddle stitch with thread”. The course is designed for those who are interested in bookbinding handicraft and independent publishing.

mmmmor studio

Hsu Wai Lun and So Lai Ping co-founded mmmmor studio in 2013. They work extensively with paper artwork to probe into the dilemma of individuals, especially regarding the disappearance of language, history and identity. Both graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, they obtained their master degrees in the Netherlands and Germany respectively.

The duo draws inspiration from their own observations of historical and social events. During the past few years, they have also explored the use of books and printed matter as forms of artistic expression. Artists’ books and zines published by the artists include dok dat dap dap (2021), The Rise of Modern China (2018) and Bookbinding Mini Lexicon (2018). They also collaborate with publishers, education organisations, artists and cultural practitioners, providing design and art direction services.


S414, 4/F, Block A, PMQ (4 Dec)
S512, 5/F, Block A, PMQ (5 Dec)


Time (HKT)

Dec 04, 2021 (Saturday)
1500 - 1600
Dec 04, 2021 (Saturday)
1700 - 1800
Dec 05, 2021 (Sunday)
1530 - 1630
Dec 05, 2021 (Sunday)
1700 - 1800

Participant no. per session

1 - 12



Notes to participants & guideline

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.